50+ Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

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50+ Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

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Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Afternoon is the time of day from noon or lunchtime until evening. There is no exact definition of the time when afternoon ends and evening starts. (This is equally true for “evening” and “night”.) However afternoon is often taken to start directly after noon (12:00pm).

Afternoon ends and evening starts at roughly 5pm or 6pm or maybe just before sunset. Afternoon is the time when the Sun is descending from its zenith in the sky to somewhat before its terminus in the westerly horizon.

In human life, it occupies roughly the latter half of the standard working and school day. In literal terms, it refers to a time specifically after noon.

Imagine if the day is going on fine and all is going just as planned and a really cute good afternoon message pops up on your phone from someone you care about; it reinforces your confidence, add springs to your steps and you feel a sense of validation.

Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Good Afternoon Messages for A Brother/Sister

  • Hey kiddo! Here’s your big sis/bro checking on you to know how you’re doing. You can always count on me bro/sis. Don’t ever forget that. Good afternoon.
  • I can’t ever forget the countless number of times you’ve been there for me. Thanks for coming through always. I love you bro/sis. Good afternoon.
  • May this afternoon bring good tidings for you. You’re special sis/bro. I love you.
  • You’re blood. Don’t you get it? You’re my brother/sister. I’ll be here anytime, any day you need me. Good afternoon.
  • Don’t ever let anyone put you down. I’m reminding you once again this afternoon, you are enough! I believe in you bro/sis. Have a beautiful afternoon.
  • Hey kiddo! Don’t let me down, I’m rooting for you and that’s because I believe in you. Give it your best shot. Good afternoon.
  • Of course, you’re the best sibling in the world and you’re my favourite, always. Good afternoon sis/bro.
  • You’re our parents’ best gift to me. Don’t ever forget that. I’m counting on you. Good afternoon.
  • Speaking with you makes me feel better always. Good afternoon bro/sis.
  • Each day finds me thankful for the special gift that you are to me. I’m so glad I have a wonderful sibling like you. Good afternoon bro/sis.

Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for A Mum

  • To the special woman who holds the most special place in my heart, good afternoon ma. How’re you doing?
  • Mummy, you know I really love you and I appreciate all you did and keep doing to make me great. I can never despise you ma. You’re the best. Good afternoon ma.
  • I pray nothing will ever make me despise you my mother, you’re heaven’s gift to me and I love you so much. Good afternoon ma.
  • How’re you doing this afternoon mummy? I hope you know you’re still my best friend. I love you mum.
  • To the woman who gives all of herself to make sure I have the best of life, I want you to know you’re the real hero, my number one person. Good afternoon mummy.
  • My heart is overwhelmed with love for you this afternoon. I’m grateful for all the wonderful privileges I enjoy being your child. Thank you for all you do mum.
  • I pray I’ll be able to replicate the depth of love you continue to show me in the life of my own offsprings. Thank you mum. I wish you a pleasant afternoon.
  • My prayer for you this afternoon mum is that you enjoy sweet reward for all your labour over us. Good afternoon, mummy.

Nice Good Afternoon Messages for A Dad

  • Hello dad, just wanted you to know you’re still the most amazing guy in my life. No one comes close to taking your place. Good afternoon sir.
  • Good afternoon dad. I want you to know I appreciate every bit of hard work you put in to give me a good life. I love you dad.
  • You’re my hero dad. My number one hero, always. Do have a pleasant afternoon.
  • I can never forget the values you instilled in me. They’re still my guiding light. Good afternoon, daddy.
  • I just want you to know daddy that you’re in my thoughts this afternoon. How’re you doing sir?
  • Here’s wishing the most amazing dad in the world a pleasant afternoon. How’re you doing sir? I promise to come see you soon.

Hot Good Afternoon Messages for Friends

  • Hey dude! How’s your day going? Don’t forget to meet up later, the bills are on me. Good afternoon.
  • Just taking out time to wish a special friend like you a beautiful afternoon. May your labour yield bountiful harvest this afternoon. Amen.
  • Friends like you are the reason the world is a bit more bearable. You matter to me dear. Good afternoon.
  • You know I love you, right? I also believe in you. I know one day you will be great. Keep striving dear. Good afternoon.
  • Hey babe/dude! Keep doing us proud on the field. I’m rooting for you. Good afternoon.
  • Well, I don’t know if I ever told you this, I’m glad you’re my friend and I’m proud to be associated with you. You can count on me guy/babe. Good afternoon.
  • I don’t take your friendship for granted, ever. You’re the reason I want to be better. Good afternoon, my friend.
  • When all is said and done, your true friends are those who remain. Thanks for being my friend always. I see you dear. Good afternoon.
  • If you ever have any doubts about yourself, I need you to know you’re one of the most amazing humans I know. You’re hardworking and smart. You’ll hit the spotlight someday soon. I just know. Good afternoon.
  • Your friendship is a backbone. You have no idea how much I depend on it. Thanks for never letting me down. Good afternoon, dear friend.
  • Hey! You can count on me, I’ll always be here for you. Good afternoon pal.
  • Friendship makes the heart merrier. Cheers to our friendship. Good afternoon.
  • Don’t burn yourself out. Please rest when your body demands it. You’re important to me. Good afternoon.
  • It’s because of someone like you the word friendship was coined. You are an amazing friend. Thanks for always being there. Good afternoon.

Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Him

  • Hello handsome, just wanted you to know you’re still my peace in the storm. You’re the one my heart beats for and I love you so much. Good afternoon.
  • This message is meant for me to steal into your thoughts and claim a portion of your time this busy afternoon. How’re you doing?
  • Have you spared me a thought today? This message is to make sure you do. I love you hon. Have a pleasant afternoon.
  • Hey hon, just to tell you I believe in your dreams and I support every of your vision, totally. Keep winning. Lots of love.
  • I’ll be your calm. I’ll be waiting to soothe your fears. You’re my hero darling. I believe in you.
  • My man, always working so hard to make sure we don’t lack, I love you darling. May your sweat not be in vain. Good day my love.
  • I’m thinking about you and I’m smiling. Thanks for bringing so much joy to my world. Good afternoon darling.
  • If you can spare some minutes, I know a nice place, where they make the best lunch ever, plus I’m itching to see you and longing to hear your voice.
  • I’m eating lunch and thinking it would have tasted better if you were here with me. How’re you doing my darling? Have you had yours?
  • Every moment of the day finds me thankful for the joy and laughter you have brought to my world. Good afternoon sweetheart.
  • You are a rare specie of a man honey, a wonderful breed. I don’t want you to ever forget that. Good afternoon.
  • I wish you were here with me, right by my side, loving me the way you alone can. I’m counting the hours till we’re back together. Good afternoon sweetheart.
  • Thank you for the peace of mind you make me enjoy in this marriage. Good afternoon, my love.
  • No matter how tough it gets, don’t lose yourself sweetheart. Remember I’ll be waiting to wrap you in my sweet embrace tonight. Good afternoon my darling husband.
  • Hello sweetheart, I’m what you need for a perfect afternoon but your pride won’t let you admit it, lol. Anyways, I’m always here if you need to talk. I love you baby.
  • Here’s wishing the most amazing man ever a beautiful afternoon. Work smart my love.

Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Her

  • Checking to see how my angel is doing this afternoon. No matter what baby, I’m here for you. You can count on me.
  • Hey babes! Just so you know, my day is incomplete without you. Have a pleasant afternoon.
  • I just want to tell you this afternoon that I care deeply about you and I love you so much.

  • You’re in my head, every single moment of the day. Now that I’ve said it, I hope I’d now be able to concentrate on my work. Good day, babe.
  • Hello sweets, how’s your day going? I hope it’s going on as fine as mine. I need you to know that I trust your judgment and I believe in you.
  • Nothing can change the fact that you’re the queen of my world. I love you dearly, my lovely wife. Have a beautiful afternoon.
  • From your prince charming to you, have a pleasant afternoon. You matter a lot darling, you are priceless.
  • When your back is against the wall, remember you can always turn to me darling. I’ll be here for you, always. Good afternoon.
  • Hello babe, you’re the peace I look forward to in all of this madness. Be home early today, will you. Thanks.
  • Hey babe, I understand the day’s been rough. Please do your best and pull through. I’ll be waiting to give you the special treatment you deserve when you return home.
  • No matter what baby, you’ll always be the rainbow in my sky. I love you too much. Good afternoon.
  • Hello lovely. How’s it going at your end? Over here, the sunshine is a pleasant reminder of your lovely face. Can’t wait to have you in my arms tonight. Good afternoon.
  • A pleasant afternoon hon, can’t seem to get you off my thoughts. How about we go out for lunch?
  • Nothing makes me feel better than knowing the hours are ticking to the end of work and you’ll be there waiting when I return home. Looking forward to your warm embrace. Good afternoon, my love.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

It’s indeed surprising to be loved by a special and lovely kind of person like you. It’s indeed out-of-this-world to be loved by you, I must say. Good Afternoon.

Our relationship is going on a smooth path, but I still want to show you more than you may expect or deserve. Good Afternoon my Love.

I still think that I don’t really give you so much love that you deserve even when you tell me that I’m surprising you with gifts and souvenirs. Good Afternoon dear, I’m always willing to do more…

As my lover, I don’t see it as a volitional thing to make you happy. I see it as an obligation to make you feel so happy then you deserve. Good Afternoon my Love.

May you continue to be blessed in all that you do, may you be strengthened the more in your daily endeavors, my dear. Good Afternoon.

Until forever, I will never let you go. But, I will do my best to see that I care for you to the best of my ability at my own expense. Good Afternoon.

Your absence has bored a big cleft in my heart, that I feel like I’ve lost it all in my life so much. Good Afternoon my Love.

The amazing care, concern and affection you give me are making my jaw drop anytime I think of you and the kind of love you show me. Good Afternoon.

No matter how many hurdles we have to scale through, I will continually stand by you without letting go of your love. Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon my Love, I just want to say that I love you and I’m also wishing you a Good Afternoon. May you be strong enough to achieve your day’s goal.

I am always being helped by people I hardly know of, but anytime you do. Yours always stand out. I must Good Afternoon for being a lovely person.

Getting to share my daily experiences with someone I care about you is so lovely and exciting for me. I can’t wait to hurt with you dear. Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon dear, I hope your day is going well and you are catching fun with the kids? I Love you…

Being without you really bores me than the word itself, I wish you are here holding my hands tight. Good Afternoon My Love.

Until the daytime reaches a point that it ceases to exist, I want to be your one and only lover who stays by your side. Good Afternoon My Love.

I hope that your day is going well and you are enjoying every bit of it? I can’t wait to hug your comely figure. Good Afternoon My Love.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

It’s like the world has chosen to join us a lovely onion. See, I just can’t imagine how it happened and I’m not going to ever let you go. Good Afternoon my Love

I was afraid of making the attempt of meeting you for the first time. But when I did, I never regretted my first move. Good Afternoon my sweetheart.

It’s so exciting, lovely and beautiful to be the one whom you call “My Love”. I don’t have much to say, I just want to say Good Afternoon.

I know that I may not always provide for you as you may expect due to my low income. But then, I promise to do my best and the needful. Good Afternoon My Love.

It’s fun and exciting being with you… Honestly, I can’t wait to hug, kiss and hold you tight by evening when you are back. Good Afternoon my Love.

Good Afternoon dear, I hope that you are strong, full of vigour and steadily crushing your to-do list of schedules.

Life becoming more and more boring for me. I need you to excite the dull moments I’m passing through right now. Good Afternoon dear.

Your presence in my life is a motivational thing in my life, I need it to keep keeping up. Good Afternoon my lovely goal-getter.

I will never take you for a fool. I will live to appreciate and pay back your good deeds to me… I’m wishing you a Good Afternoon as you strive to achieve your day’s goals.

Good Afternoon, my sweetheart, my life found Rhythm and beauty the very day that my mouth said “I Love You” and you accepted.

I’ve never had a moment in your absence that really feels happy and look beautiful. I really need you every single moment of my life. Good Afternoon my Love.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Because you’ve never disappointed me when it comes to showing genuine affection and care. I won’t only wish you a Good Afternoon but, also let you know that I’m willing to go extra miles to make you feel happy.

Good Afternoon, my Love, your words give me more vigour to crush my goals. I always feel fed up to do anything in life. But remembering your sacrifice to fend for the family keeps me going. I appreciate you.

Good Afternoon, My Love, I appreciate your humility and honesty when it comes to playing your own part. I will never regret having you in my life. Good Afternoon.

That lovely feeling that comes with clutching you when I’m with you is out-of-this-world, I must admit that. Good Afternoon My Love.

I am so grateful for the good things that you always do for me. It’s not a common thing to find someone sacrificing his time, energy and resources to please his friend. Good Afternoon.

Good Morning To My Love, the amazing person reading this message right now. I appreciate your affection and companionship dear.

Nature seems to understand my problem so well, that it gave me you. I can’t even craft a cute Good Afternoon Love text to express my Love dear.

Good Afternoon, my Love, I’m still yet to figure out the right words to let you know that I love you, my dear.

Good Afternoon my Love, even when I’m away from home I still feel a bit okay. By just remembering that I am yours.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Your sort of genuine love and affection had made me change my perception about giving that I can’t help but to assist people no matter the condition I’m in. Good Afternoon my Love.

It’s always unfunny and sad to see you leave to go to your work even though, you are doing that to make ends meet. Good Afternoon.

It’s now getting hot over here, how about yours? I hope it’s cool. Well, I just want to remind you of my love for you. Good Afternoon.

Whatever you aspire to achieve today, may God give you the courage and strength to crush it dearly. Good Afternoon, I hope your day is going well…

Anytime I think of you, I feel like flying to meet you anywhere you are. Good Afternoon, may you be blessed in all that you do?

Good Afternoon as you get to do all that I’d required of you today, my love.

Being your lover has indeed made me find joy in life. I must say that I am grateful for all that you’ve done for me. Good Afternoon my Love.

I love you more than my diction can ever describe it using words. See, I really care about you more than a Lovely Good Afternoon in the market.

Life is boring and unexciting until the very day that I chose to be your boyfriend. And that’s why I wish you a Good Afternoon my sweetheart.

Lately, I realised that my days end in depression and grief if I don’t write a heart-touching Good Afternoon Quote to you and make sure we let go of each other’s faults.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Maybe today will be stressful at your workplace. But as you work, may you be strong enough to do the needful. I just text to wish you Good Afternoon.

It’s not as if saying Good Afternoon is not enough. No, I think that a special person like you deserves more well wishes. So may you be blessed as you go about crushing your day’s goals.

I know these days your work is getting more hectic that even taking time to read my message will be time-wasting. Dear, I wish you a hitch-free day, okay?

Good Afternoon, my love, I appreciate being your lover. As I do my chores, I wish you were here with me to so as to spend a good time together with you.

You stun me so much with your angelic looks, that I wish you don’t even have to work so that you don’t stress your pretty self. Good Afternoon My Love.

Sweetheart, I will never trade the mutual love, respect and love that we have for each other. I just text to wish you a Good Afternoon.

Seeing your face shine with smiles on my mind every time I think of you really makes me feel so happy and chuffed. Good Afternoon dear.

I know that my pillow is mild when I touch it. But then, your comely, angelic, soft and supple body is way better than all that. I really just want to be with nothing, but you. Good Afternoon.

What’s the essence of being your lover and still not care to wish you a Good Afternoon for being mine? See, I really care for you, my love…

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

As you work, I know that your strength and vigour will begin to become lesser. And that’s why I wish you Good Afternoon and the strength to crush all you’ve set to do today.

I really can’t even imagine how boring, unexciting and void of happiness life will be without you for a week. Good Afternoon dear.

I can’t wait to behold your angelic figure and get to talk with you as you pulse words with your comely voice. Good Afternoon dear.

You are the only valid reason I presently have that relationship really work as they are supposed to be. Good Afternoon My Love.

It’s always a moment of pure love that one experiences when I’m with you. It’s so out-of-this-world that I can’t help but to say Good Afternoon to my lovely one.

Sweetheart, you may hate, dislike or even call me a fool. I still don’t care. All I know is that I love you and I just want to say Good Afternoon My Love.

The very day I met you, I was so naive and shy to talk to you. But ever since then, I never regretted my first move to say “Hi”. Good Afternoon My Love.

It always feels out-of-this-world to be with someone like you… I adore your presence in my life so much. Good Afternoon My Love.

It feels so boring even in the most exciting and lovely place to be without you. I always want to be by your side just like a handbag, I mean it. Good Afternoon dear.

Good Afternoon, My Love, I love your looks, smiles and girlish gestures. It makes me want to clutch and begin to kiss you immediately.

It always feels like a baby having fun with his mother whenever I’m playing with you sweetheart. I hope your day is going well? Good Afternoon.

Sweetheart, my love for you is not unconditional or a faddy one born out of an ephemeral feeling so why will I compare it with a flower? Good Afternoon My Love.

Good Afternoon, my Love, I hope your day is going well and you are catching fun as it runs out? I’m missing you too…

Good Afternoon dear, your love is the best balm that can soothe my heartache whenever I’m down, broken or depressed.

If there is any single thing about life that makes it interesting, then it’s only you. Good Afternoon for been mine.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Sweetheart, the one thing to note this Afternoon is that; I wish you a Good Afternoon than I do for myself.

Good Afternoon, as you work towards crushing your goals this noon, despite the intense heat, may you still have the courage to get things done My Love.

Even though you have your own concerns, you’ve chosen to help me get mine done. I must say that I’m grateful for your compassion. Good Afternoon My Love.

It’s out of this world to find a lover like you doing everything possible to see that he makes you happy at his own expense. Good Afternoon my Love.

It’s indeed an amazing experience to have a caring, loving and lovely person in life like you. Good Afternoon my Love.

You are more than the most treasured things in this life. Such that, you even do what I least expect to make me happy. I must say that I’m grateful for you. Good Afternoon My Love.

For being my lover, I must say that I appreciate you for always having time for me, despite your tight working schedule. I just want to say Good Afternoon my Love.

Even if I make the attempt at paying back the sacrifices, gifts, presents and sweat that you’ve shredded just to please me, I can’t really be able to do that. Good Afternoon My Love.

One of the causes of my joy is the biggest blessing I’ve received from life – YOU. It wasn’t like that until I met you. And things found Rhythm and shape. Good Afternoon my Love.

It’s pretty hard to find a caring person like you. My life changed for good the very day that I chose to make you my priority. Good Afternoon.

If being a fool will be what people will see me as I still don’t care. I will always do my best to please you as you deserve my Love. Good Afternoon.

I actually get souvenirs and tons of presents anytime you come back from travels. It’s so jaw-dropping and surprising to see you do that despite my low status. You are indeed, the bomb. Good Afternoon my Love.

I will never mind going through thorny paths just to see that I please you. In fact, doing all that can make you happy is what I see as my obligation in life. Good Afternoon my Love.

You are the only person in my life that gives me goosebumps. I must admit that I appreciate being your lover. And I’m wishing you a Good Afternoon dear.

Good Afternoon, my sweetheart and only lover, I love your affection and caring heart. Thank you for letting go of all the bad things I did against you sometimes back.

I really wonder when the day of less work will come so that I can come back by noon to see your lovely face. Good Afternoon my love.

Other Amazing Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special

Now that you’ve left home in the morning to crush your goals. May you have the strength and needed the energy to get your chores done with ease. Good Afternoon.

To the cutest and lovely friend of mine, may you be able to do your day’s work as expected without much stress dear? Good Afternoon.

I wish you a Good Afternoon and may all that may make you loathe and feel bad about this day be removed away from your path as you travel, my dear.

Of all the “close friends” I’ve ever had, you are the only one who has made me believe in the saying that; “there is true love”. Good Afternoon my love.

You are a special sort of person, I’m yet to find someone who is so lovely and caring like you are and that’s why I adore every single minute I share with you. Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon, the one who has always motivated me to do more in life so as to reap lives goodies in the long run. I appreciate your presence in my everything.

Your ways are always upright and down to earth. It’s amazing how you do things in phenomenal and inspiring ways. Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon, your ways are so lovely and out of this world. I’m yet to see anybody that does this better, you are surprising!

Hi, I hope your work is moving well today? Honey, we didn’t get to talk much about each others day yesterday, right? I can’t wait to hug and gist with you when you are back. Good Afternoon.

I don’t care if sending you a message to tell you Good Afternoon is awkward. No, I will always send you one to make you remember that I care.

Hello, my sweetheart. I really don’t have anything to tell you at this hour of the day. But, Good Afternoon as you go on with your work.

See, I just can’t wait to see you enter our house with your sweet scenting smell, a brief-case and clutch me with your warmth as we hug. Meanwhile, Good Afternoon.

If wishes and desires get satisfied or become a reality in an instant. Then, I will want to be in your arms right now because it’s indeed, a Good Afternoon.

Your love touches the lowest ebb of my heart that I can’t hear your name and not miss a heartthrob. Good Afternoon my dear.

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