Common Relationship Issues

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Common Relationship Issues

common relationship mistakes

Everybody wants a happy relationship, we all do not want to have problems in our relationships. But in the end, we find out that those problems were inevitable. And most of the time these problems are caused by our actions and our words. Therefore we decided to make this research and tell you a few of the common relationship issues that escalate on a daily basis, weekly basis or as the case may be….

  1. Infatuation

One mistake people make is the fact that they go into relationships without any good motives. Infatuation is having an unreasoning love or attraction, others say it is having an intense but short lived passion or admiration for a person or something. This is really a mistake, because you never really had that strong feeling for your partner and in the end you feel nothing for each other.

 Having nothing in common

Getting into a relationship you both need to have at least something in common. If your visions are different or your goals don’t match, you may not really enjoy that relationship. A perfect example is having a jock and a nerd in a relationship. It works out sometimes but there are always problems preceding that success.

 Controlling and demanding personality

When one of the partners feels like he or she holds the remote to the relationship, problems will definitely ensue. Nobody likes a dictator. For example you cant control what your partner buys or goes or what shows your partner watches.

 Lack of communication

When there is no interaction between two of you, you may never know the problems your partner faces. And what causes this issue sometimes is stated in #3. When you don’t communicate, you can never resolve issues pertaining to your relationship.

 Inability to manage conflict effectively

Like in #2 you had nothing in common and then BOOM! conflict arises. The problem here is you can never resolve that issue between the both of you. One problem leads to another problem. Both partners allow the problem escalate because each of them give reasons to why they did what they did.

 Trust issues

In #5 we stated that conflicts are never resolved effectively or successfully. Due to this, trust can be broken; and being that trust is like the foundation of every relationship, when the trust is broken it i never easy to get back.

 Past issues

When there are always arguments about a family member or especially an ex, it is really difficult before such arguments can be resolved. Because of this, you can come to a compromise on what to discuss and what not to discuss.

These are some of the common relationship issues we need to look out for. I hope you liked it? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for reading….

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