Common Relationship Questions Part 2

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Common Relationship Questions Part 2

common relationship questions part 2

We already know that to enjoy your relationship, you need to ask your partner some questions. Note that these are questions you need to ask your partners, so you can know what they love, hate or what turns them on (obviously!).

Last time i gave some few questions that could be asked, and now i got more….

Questions To Ask Your Partners

1. If the two of you were to spend time in the outdoors; what would you do?

Now, you cant just pop-up and insist you both should go to the aquarium, what if he or she wants to go to the beach? It may seem like “ok, that’s not really important!” but it could cause arguments because they may feel you do not respect their opinions.

2. What kind of vacation would you enjoy most?

Does your partner enjoy visiting the Caribbean or do they wanna go hiking or mountain climbing?

3.  What was your favorite subject in school?

Everyone has a subject they love and they would always want to talk about it; they are always happy when you decide to digress into that topic…

4.  Where in the world would you most like to visit?

This question doesn’t really cause disagreement because you just want to know where in the world your partner loves and would likely want to visit.

5.  What type of partner do you actually like?

Personally i love a partner who doesn’t really agree with everything i have to say; but there are those who hate being questioned. Others may love shy partners especially females..

6.   Whats your greatest fear?

Your partner may have emotional or physical fears. By emotional i mean they may have autophobia, philophobia and the list goes on. By physical fear we have acrophobia, anthropophobia or mageirocophobia and the list goes on…

7.   What’s your hidden talent?

Your partner may be the best in his business but he or she has this talent hidden in them somewhere it could be singing, dancing or comedy and the list goes on…

8.   If your partner had friends of the opposite sex, how would you feel?

Clearly not everybody wants their partner to be too close to their friends of the opposite sex; you can say they sometimes feel insecure. They begin to imaging things in their heads, but there are those who are really cool with their partners having close friends from the opposite sex…

9.  Do you think couples should spend their finances together or separately?

It is a very clear question but still important and a little bit complex because considering the fact that you both make your own money, do you need to settle payments or house needs together or just do as it pleases either of you?

10.  How often do you love to have sex?

Now some partners could be sex maniacs and some don’t like it to be often but still no one would love to be deprived of the pleasure..

These are some of the questions you need to ask your partners to really get intimate with them. I hope you liked it?

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