Communication Mistakes That End Relationships

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Communication Mistakes That End


communication mistakes that end relationships

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Communication problems always lead to relationship issues and it is not surprising. If you can’t communicate with your partner effectively, you can’t develop a sense of closeness with him or her.

Communication challenges most of the time leads to broken relationships or even divorce for married people. Below are some of the common communication mistakes we make in our relationships.

Communication Mistakes That End Relationships

  • Not Listening

The key to communication is not speaking alone but more importantly listening. To have communication work better both partners must seek to understand each other better. You must be a good listener because when the both of you choose to speak, then who would listen?

Another part of listening is Empathizing. Empathizing is joining and understanding your partner’s emotional state. When you share your problems, you don’t need much advice, you just jump into solving problems together.

  • Not Communicating a problem

To have a strong relationship, you have to be able to talk through anything. It takes a difficult and a more awkward conversation for you to be able to have trust for your partner

  • Not communicating at all

Not speaking to each other can close all channels or modes of communication between both of you. And know that when communication ends or stops, the relationship begins to diminish. Therefore when you have issues with your partner, you have to talk it out instead of giving the silent treatment.

  • Not asking unique personal questions

There are a lot of questions you could ask your partner for example ‘how was your day?’ sweet question but when asked too much, it doesn’t sound believable anymore. But when you ask a variety of different questions like ‘what new thing did you learn today?’ or ‘what funny thing happened today? with that, you can have lots of conversations.

  • Not stating the obvious

There are so many obvious things you can just point out like ‘your beauty cuts through my eyes like a blade through flesh’. She knows she is beautiful but still you just have to say it.

These are some of the communication mistakes we make as couples. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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