Don’t Say This To Anyone In A Relationship

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Don’t Say This To Anyone In A Relationship

Don't Say This To Anyone In A Relationship

Some relationships are boring we know that, but it is not in your place to tell that person. It is not the person’s fault you hate to be with a partner. It is not anybody’s fault you wanted the single life.

With that been said, here are a few things you shouldn’t say to anyone at all in a relationship.

  • Do you really think you are the only one he or she has been with?

They believe because their relationship was built on trust and he earned the trust when he presented himself. And that is what monogamy is supposed to be, just the both of them.

  • You must think about other guys or girls

Well yes they do. I mean it is normal to see other guys or girls and just think “yeah he or she is hot.” They have eyes, they can see, they always take notice because they are humans. But that doesn’t mean that when I see a hot guy or girl, i have to lose control of myself.

  • You can’t be together a long time and not hook up with other guys or girls

That a person falls in love with the first person he or she got with does not mean that what they have is not real.

  • Doesn’t it get boring?

You are just a hater, it shows you hate relationships. If it was boring, no one would want to be in it. This is because relationship is a commitment.

  • How can you tell if he is the one?

For people who haven’t fallen in love, this is really hard to comprehend. In simple explanation, you have a favorite color because you love it; you have a favorite shirt because you love it. The both of you are the right ones for each other because you chose to love each other.

  • You are young, you need to experience the world

If anyone is in a committed relationship, they do not have to go around having one night stands whenever they got the chance. When you are in a relationship, you do not have to be in places you do not want to be.

These are some of the things you do not want to say to anyone in a relationship. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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