Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Effects Of Divorce On Children

effects of divorce on children

When I wrote about the things to never say to your partners, i said something about using the ‘D’ word. The big ‘D’ as I called it, is one of the words you do not just throw out to your partner. It is like a bullet being shot at the heart of your partner leaving a big hole that cannot be fixed. Now for adults most of the time it just affects us physically and emotionally; and in time we let go of everything and just move on.

For kids, its a whole different ball game, because unlike adults they find it hard to live with the thought of not having both parents. They are not just affected physically and emotionally but also psychologically. Children have a whole different type of psychology; for us, it’s easy to say we had a divorce, but for kids, they begin to feel different when other kids talk about both parents.

For those couples having issues and are thinking of a divorce, or you know someone who is thinking of having a divorce, here are some of the effects of divorce on children.

Side effects of divorce on kids

1.  Behavioral and social effects

Children who have divorced parents in many cases develop some social issues, some of them become temperamental while others take to joining gangs. Depending on the mode of intensity, it is a generally known characteristic trait…

2.  Anxiety

Due to the fact that children are totally dependent on their parents, the level of anxiety in them is greater than that in adults. When a child has faced the divorce of his or her parents, anxiety could take hold.

3.  Distress

Accompanied with distress could be delusions, because the thought of living with a single parent especially without access to the other, could cause a lot of emotional stress.

4.  Drug Abuse

This is also a behavioral effect. After anxiety and having a lot of distress and delusions, the kids could take into drugs. They would want to take all their anger and frustrations into these drugs and alcohol. And in time, it becomes part of them.

5.  Mood swings

The thoughts of the fact that their parents are divorced could create a natural habit of mood swings. They are easily affected by what ever people do or have to say about them, especially when it has to do with the divorce of the child’s parents.

6.  Mental health problems

The case of mental issues are really common when it comes to the issue of divorce. The case of bipolar disorder have statistically shown to be caused by the case of divorce. Regardless of age, psychological problems are inevitable.

These are some of the effects of divorce on children. Hope you liked it? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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