Famous Relationships That Have Been For Years

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Famous Relationships That Have Been For Years

famous relationships that have been for years

People believe celebrities and really famous people have it all when it comes to the awards, money and the accolades. But nobody ever believes that they have it when it comes to the issue of marriage. We are meant to believe that these famous people we talk about and watch on TV do not believe in the sanctity of marriage. The fact that celebrity marriages stay long seems like mission impossible for most folks.

Famous Relationships That Have Been For Years

Anyway, here are a few celebrity couples that beg to differ. These couples have a love stories sweeter that fairy tales.


Starting off this list is the rather magnificent Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh. These two were married on November 20, 1947 in Westminster Abbey, London. In November of 2018, they celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. This is said to be the longest marriage of any British sovereign.

Oprah winfrey and stedman graham

They never married but have remained partners for 32 years. They were supposed to get married in 1992 but decided to remain the way they are but they still blossom till now.


Hugh Jackman your favorite Wolverine from the Marvel franchise X-men has been married to his Australian wife for 23 years and counting. They met on set for an Australian TV show.


They met on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and there was a connection although Smith was married. Immediately he got his divorce, he wasted no time going after Jada. The couple have now been married for 21 years. They don’t refer to each other as married anymore but as life partners.

Famous Relationships That Have Been For Years

The former England football team captain and the former Spice girl Victoria Beckham were married on 4th July 1999. They were the ‘it’ couple of the 90’s. They are now married for 19 years and still waxing strong.

Famous Relationships That Have Been For Years

Although being the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II, Edward is the only child of the queen who has not gone through a divorce. He and the Countess have been married for 19 years in the same chapel at Windsor castle where both Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie had their weddings.

These are some of the celebrity relationships still waxing and growing stronger with each passing day. I hope you liked it?

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