Harry And Meghan-The Love Story

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Harry And Meghan-The Love Story

harry and meghan-the love story

This has got to be one of the biggest love story ever told or read about. Forget Cinderella, forget Snow white, because in this love story there are no glass slippers or seven dwarfs, but still it conquers all.

Everyone loves a good love story, makes you feel good about yourself or makes you question your present relationship. Prince Harry tying the knot with the now Lady Meghan sounded like mission impossible with all that was going on, but still their will was strong and as they say, “love conquers all.”

I’m not going to jump into details, but i’m just going to give you a few pointers on this relationship that shook the world.

Harry And Meghan-The Love Story

  • How they met

In July of 2016, they met on a blind date which caused a rattle with reporters on who set them up. Many said it was Harry’s friend, some pointed hands at Violet von Westenholz, who if you may know is a friend of the royal family. Others suspected Misha Nonoo, a British fashion designer, who happens to be one of Meghan’s close friends. Unlike other blind dates, their result was different because they caught each other’s heart if I must say, and after that, they wanted to meet again. Therefore, they went on another one and the rest is history.

  • Their trip to Africa

They both went on two dates before he asked her to go to Africa with him, to be particular, Botswana. And to his greatest surprise she happily obliged. This was a really important trip for both of them and in the end, the engagement ring he got her was from Botswana. Normally the royals have their own collection of rather delicate and really fancy gems for this particular purpose

  • The Rumors

Back from Africa and the two were still dating for six months in private. And as they say, nothing is hidden under the sun. Half a year later, the media found out and it was first published on the Sunday Express Newspaper.

The reports had it that The Prince was really into the American. And well, people suspected that he may have just found his better half

  • The Media’s attack

Harry and Meghan never had relationship problems until the media decided to turn out for the worst. The media stated the fact that she was African-American and that she was married once but it ended in divorce. This statements spoke racism and misogyny, and because of this Prince Harry was really worried for her safety.

These attacks went wide even to her mother and her close friends. This lead to the Royal family lashing out at the media outlets to let Meghan Markle be. Many people really admired and respected them for the trouble they had to go through just to be happy. They were hit with a lot of fake stories about them, and later on Meghan decided not to read any stories about them and just focus on having a happy relationship.

  • First public outing and grown closeness

The official confirmation of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was in December 2016. They went Christmas tree shopping in London and also attended the West End Show.

In January 2017, he introduced her to his family, and clearly everyone welcomed her with open arms. In May that year, they were seen publicly again when she was cheering him on at the charity polo game.

For Meghan’s 36th birthday, which coincidentally was also the first anniversary of their relationship, they both went to Botswana again. And long story short, their public outings began to increase.

  • The Engagement


Harry did put a lot of effort into getting the perfect ring for her. He also added two stones from the collection of his late mother. Prince Harry officially proposed on a November night in Nottingham Cottage.

Before her big wedding, she closed all of her social media accounts and also left the series “Suits.”

  • The Wedding

The wedding took place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. This was the venue has also served for other royal weddings like Harry’s father Prince Charles and his step-mother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The wedding was held on the 19th of May 2019, and unlike Prince William’s wedding, it wasn’t a bank holiday officially. Ironically, the wedding clashed with the FA cup final. It was a really expensive wedding with an estimated cost of 32 million pounds, which was financed by the royal family.

Meghan’s wedding dress was designed by Claire Waight Keller, British designer who works for Givenchy. In addition, they added a 16 feet veil embroidered by 55 flowers. She was also wearing a diamond tiara, which was lent to her by the Queen. Her shoes were also of Givenchy brand.

Prince Harry chose forget-me-nots to be part of the bouquet to honor his late mother, Princess Diana. Meghan’s father couldn’t walk her down the aisle because he had a difficult heart surgery therefore, Prince Charles, Harry’s father walked her down himself. The wedding was attended by 600 guests and most were the friends and family of the couple.

The royal wedding was aired in many countries and viewed by millions all over the world. After the wedding, Meghan received the status of “Her Royal Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex” since Prince Harry received the title as “Duke of Sussex” and a few other titles.

Like I said earlier, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora, they pail in comparison to this love story. We just hope and pray that their love and respect and admiration for each other remains strong for ever.

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