How To Say ‘I Love You’ On Valentines Day

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How To Say ‘I Love You’ On Valentines Day

how to say 'i love you' on valentine's day



‘I love you’ that’s one of the biggest and most difficult lines to say. As we grow, we begin to develop emotions especially towards the opposite sex and these affections can be really strong and difficult to explain that most of the times when we see the ones we adore, we are short of words. But with the 14th of February already knocking on the door, it would be one of the perfect times to hit that special person with the famed words.

When to Do It

Ask yourself “am i ready for what i’m about to get into?” because if you’re not, then do not. You need to be sure that you really love the person because in time they would want you to prove your worth.

Right Time and Place

Since you are sure that you really love the person and that your feelings toward them are genuine, the you need to choose the right place and time because no one wants their moment to be ruined. You may need to choose a place and a moment where you may not be interrupted. Try a candlelight dinner or a visit to the lake or something else but really romantic though.

How To Say It

Now “how do i tell her?”….Now it is better to just go straight to the point but then you need other things to follow up with; for example try getting her flowers or chocolate or or a written note expressing your feelings or a very enticing gift to get her attention. For the valentine period approaching you may need to get a perfect valentine gift for her.

Be Prepared

It is always normal to second guess because you never know what might happen. But no matter the outcome, you do not have to keep the other person waiting and your feelings hidden.

This valentine period try and tell someone you love them before it is too late

These are a few tips on how to tell someone you love them these valentine period. I hope you liked it?

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