How To Seduce Older Women

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How To Seduce Older Women

how to seduce older women

When I say older women, I do not mean your grandma’s age mate. Older women are a lot different from the everyday girls we are used to because they act differently, think differently, and talk differently. It is actually going to be successful in seducing a woman that is older than you. There is no specific skill set in doing this and also it doesn’t mean you can just go around getting into every older woman you see.

Since we already know that these women are a different category, it’s best you try a few tips before making a move. Therefore, here is a few tips on how to seduce an older female.

  • They do not like games

Note to self that these women already know every trick in the play book. They’ve already been played before, at least a few of them. You may think you have got a few tricks up your sleeves but be rest assured that they hate mind games. Therefore watch yourself and do not pull any of those stunts you pull when you want a girl.

  • You are never smarter, don’t think you are

OK Mr. Know-it-all, you should know that these women are older than you are, therefore don’t try to act like the secret of the world is in your hands. For those cocky youngsters, be confident but not too confident to the point where you start acting like you are the senior there because they know you are younger. No one likes a smart ass.

  • Be confident

Older women are always astonished by confident young men. They may like the fact that you are young, but they are more attracted to you once they know you are not a wimp. One of the most important parts about seduction is self confidence.

  • Don’t get ahead of yourself

You do not walk up to them and just ask if they wanna have sex. Though they do not like being played, so they do not like when you are too straight forward.

Older women are a lot different from the younger ones, as their thinking are different so are your moves. Different ways of thinking creates different actions and reactions.

These are a few tips on how to seduce older women. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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