How To Sext Your Boyfriend

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How To Sext Your Boyfriend

how to sext your boyfriend

For those who do not know what sexting mean, it means to sexually text your boyfriend. Many people really have a thing for naughty texting which can get one really aroused. It doesn’t matter if you are new in the game or you are already a legend in the field who is just trying to entice your partner with a few new tricks. These sexting ideas will really help you get dirty (not literally though).

  • Start out slow

The first part about good sexting is to get try and get the mind of your boyfriend in the best state of imagination, leaving them with a thought of what is to come. You don’t really have to get naughty and dirty from the beginning, you have to take your time to build that sexual condition from hotter messages.

  • Tease them a little

There is nothing naughtier than getting teased via text, it leaves you thinking more about that person. In teasing them, you want them to look forward to something, either what you want to do to them or what you want them to do to you. They start using their imaginations to think of what could really be more pleasing with you.

  • Really jog their memory

Think about something they already know. For example try remembering them about what turned you on the last time or what really gave you the sensations the last time.

  • Try hitting them with a sexy picture

Sexy pics can really turn people on especially males though. Never underestimate the power of a pic that has you biting your lips or a picture showing your thighs, side boobs and a few other parts. This can really be a really big tease for your partner. Although when sending those pics, try and leave your face out.

  • Try and be comfortable though

When you are sexting, still remember that you too are vulnerable. Sometimes your own sext can get you aroused as well, therefore it is better you try and stay in your comfort zone to avoid playing with yourself.

These are a few tips on how to sext your boyfriend. I hope you liked it?

Happy sexting.

Thanks for reading.

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