Tips To Impressing Ladies During Dates

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Tips To Impressing Ladies During Dates

tips to impressing ladies during dates

Every man wants to score the perfect woman, but unlike what many men believe, women are very difficult to impress especially if she has been in a bad relationship before. Every man strives to have the perfect woman but how many men can do the perfect work to get the perfect woman. Most women look past your wallet and your cars and your wardrobe; they care about what you can do with your words and their feelings. They need some one they can trust. Therefore we have compiled a list of things you need to do to impress her on that first date.

Be punctual every time

No one wants to be kept waiting but if anyone is to wait, it should be you. Make her welcome romantic by getting her flowers or any gift; it doesn’t need to be expensive. Try and welcome her first, don’t just go around talking about the weather or how long you’ve been waiting; its a bore plus it’s uncool. You could compliment her dress.

tips to impressing ladies during dates

Create the best possible mood between you

Every one wants to make reference to their first meeting every period in their relationship. To create the best mood for both of you, you have to first choose the right place and the perfect time. You cant choose a public place because your discussions would be interrupted by different noises; either chatter or car horns e.t.c. plus you do not want to do a double date for such occasion. Try a candlelight dinner for example.

Be polite, compassionate and complimenting

Every woman loves a polite man. Some men get into fights or quarrels with either the hotel staffs or another customer. To impress her you may need to watch your manners. Try to compliment her but not by mocking her because if you do, you just wasted the night.

Be a good talker as well as a listener

Always have something to say and likewise when she speaks try and listen to her. Silence would dull the moment you are trying to create because believe it or not we all want to look back on our first meeting. If you are a good talker, you’ll always have her attention.

Be self confident and mature

Be prepared because you never know how she is until you first meet, therefore you need to have that confidence. Don’t go about fidgeting or shivering at the sight of the lady. Don’t feel that she is way too classy for you, if you feel she is then you need to step up your game. Don’t try to be what you are not.

These are some of the best tips on impressing ladies on a date. I hope you liked it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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