Lies Men Believe Women Tell On Dating Profiles

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Lies Men Believe Women Tell On Dating Profiles

lies men believe women tell on dating profiles

Creating a dating profile has to be one of the skillful things many young people do today. These profiles can contain your name, date of birth and even a column for bio, where you can describe yourself in your own words. Dating profiles are created to find the eligible man for you. Over the years, men soon came up with the idea or chose to believe that women lie a lot on their profiles. We’d never know, but nonetheless, here are a few things men believe women lie about on their profiles:

  • Their Age

It is not surprising that many men choose to date women younger than they are. Many men have had the experience of dating a girl they believed to be younger than they are but end up to find out that they are actually older. Imaging meeting a lady online who claims to be 24 and then later on you find out she is 29. How long can you keep it hidden?

  • The book or TV show you claim to love

Many people claim to love a lot of things that they actually do not love just to get attention. Listen, even if what you love is weird, put it on because there are many men who actually love the weird stuff.

  • That they are actually easy going

Technically, most women who say things like “I’m easy going, go-with-the-flow kind of girl”, they are actually the type of people who are actually sensitive. Don’t say what you are not.

  • Their looks

Men can’t actually tell how you look, when every picture on your profile carries a selfie of just your face. When men notice these random photos, they begin to doubt your height, your weight and any other thing that speaks appearance.

  • Their success

Even men lie about this sometimes, therefore there are moments you inflate your position or your earnings and then men are like “please! Like we haven’t heard that one before”.

  • How independent you are

Real independent women don’t go around saying “I’m independent”, when you keep mentioning this in profiles, men become suspicious and begin to believe you might be lying.

Both men and women are guilty of all that is listed above, if you want to really be appreciated, then you need to tell the truth about yourself.

These are some of the lies men believe women tell on their dating profile. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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