Moments That Make You Feel Single

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Moments That Make You Feel Single

moments that make you feel single

It is true you love living the single life. You have embraced the fact that you are single and clearly admitted to that fact. Clearly you do not have to share the bed or bathroom with anybody and that’s a bonus for you. You can eat when you want, how you want and wherever you want and it doesn’t bother you of what the other person may think. Nevertheless, even though you enjoy where you are at the time, there are always situations that remind you of the fact that you are still single and sometimes it messes with your mind.

Here are a few moments that remind you of your current status in the weirdest of ways.

  • Whenever someone you know especially someone weird gets engaged before you

Social media is always your worst friend when it comes to this aspect. Every day you happily go through your Facebook notification until…..BOOM! You receive a notification about others getting engaged except you.

  • Definitely every holiday

Valentine’s Day will always remind you because it is a period of love. Other holidays may include thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday as the case may be. This period you are happy for other people and their love life.

  • Oh my God Mothers…

Your mom is like a relationship alarm clock, reminding you every day that she wants grandchildren. If you don’t want to get attacked with things like “I’m not going to live forever,” don’t go to your parents.

  • Family vacations or parties or reunions

Oh especially reunions where every member of your family will be there and especially their partners. You find out you are caught between a baby who keeps crying and that aunt who would always ask if you have a boyfriend…creepy…

  • When something creepy happens in your home

Whenever things like roaches or rat run around the house and you are about to yell for help and then you realize that “shit! I’m home alone.”

Now this is a bomb shell because your best friend was your wing man and you both hang out a lot. Now there is another person in his or her life, and that free time you both had can no longer happen.

These are some of the moments that make you suddenly realize you are still single. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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