Personal Relationship Questions

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Personal Relationship Questions

personal relationship questions

There are some times we do want to question our partners but in the end we question ourselves. Most of the time its due to the fact that we think something is off about him or her that we start to become insecure. Nevertheless there are definitely some questions we all want an answer to in our relationships. Time has been taken to research on some questions we keep asking ourselves about our partners.

Questions we ask about our partners and their answers

Here are some of those questions we ask ourselves:

1.  Why am i treated differently around his friends?

You need to know that you want him to act in one manner and his friends expect him to act in another manner. Now he has to please all of you.

2.  Why isn’t he calling or texting me back?

For one, he may not like you, he may be busy. Then why do you sit around the phone? get busy with something…

3.  Why is he into video games?

Playing video games helps relieve stress. After a hard days work we just want to sit down and do something fun and just get our minds off of the stress.

4.  Why doesn’t he say ‘i love you‘ back?

It may be because he doesn’t really want to go that far with you or he’s scared or he just wants to be sure about his feelings for you before dropping the lines. My question is, why do you really care that he says it all the time? Most of the time men prefer to show the love than just say it.

5.  He is not returning the favor, Why?

For what is worth, he has to. Not everything can be free just because you are in a relationship.

6.  Why does he really want me to be his girlfriend?

Now, when we like someone or really dig someone, we always like to know where we stand, we don’t like the idea of sharing. You would always have other male friends, thus we need to be sure of our status in your male friends community.

7.   Why does he not always seek advice from me?

We do like to seek advice from you but the truth is sometimes, we also need to seek a little bit of ideas from outside. Its not that we do not think you’re smart because sweetheart you are all smart. Sometimes you just want to marry ideas.

8.   Why does he love porn? Am i not enough?

It has got nothing to do with you sweetheart. Take for example, we all go to the restaurant but its not because we don’t love your cooking, or when we go to the movies, it doesn’t mean we don’t like the movie you always pick, we just want to try something a little bit different.

These are some of the rather weird personal questions we ask ourselves about our partners? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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