Qualities Women Seek In Men

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Qualities Women Seek In Men

qualities women seek in men

Women take their choices in finding a partner very serious, they start from the external traits of a man down to his character. Definitely, every woman differ in the basic masculine qualities that they want or look for in a man. Every woman wants a man with broad shoulders they can lay their heads on, but they also need an intelligent, moderate and determined man.

We have to admit that one is sure about what a woman wants particularly in a man. Unlike women, some men just tend to look if she is attractive, cheerful and well groomed or if she is interesting, smart and funny. But anyway, here is a list of a few qualities women look for in men.

Qualities Women Seek In Men

  • Respectful Attitude

Women love been treated with respect, they always want to check out for that respectful attitude in men. They don’t care about your background or status, once you show them the respect they deserve, they adore you.

  • Listening Skills

Being that women are really great talkers and it has been a long time coming. For men, they don’t talk much, so sometimes some men tend to ignore the opportunity to get closer. Women love men that she could tell her problems and how she feels and the man would give listening ears. A woman feels safer when her man always create time to listen to what she has to say. Even if the topic of the discussion is not really a concern of yours, do not withdraw.

  • Faithfulness

Women want men they can trust and if they trust you, they can also defend you.  As a man if you want to remain faithful and you want her to know you are still faithful, then you have to be true to everything you say. Always tell her you love her, and always remind her that she is the only one. But remember action speaks louder than words.

  • Sociability

If you want to ever attract a woman, then you need to socialize. You can’t attract a woman by just being there staring at your glass, start a conversation and keep the conversation going. Be cheerful and self-confident, they’ll always see a reason to be attracted to you.

  • Intelligence

Are women smart? The answer is yes, but still they want somebody that can support their conversations and ideas. The always want a man they can learn from.

  • Independence and Earning opportunities

It is true that some women are in for their man’s pocket, but still every woman wants to know that her man can cater for himself and the family. They want someone with a purpose, a man who is decisive on his own. A man who is able to take care of family needs makes his wife feel secure.

Even men check out appearance in women. If you want to attract a woman, then don’t be a cave man. Women really do not need much, all you need to do is be neat, wear clean clothes (the clothes should be your size though).

Women need attention; it reminds them that your relationship is still solid. Women are never happy when they have to remind you to get them a particular thing multiple times. You can surprise your woman with any gift when she least expected, take out time out of your busy schedule to go on a date. You are also happy when you know your wife or girlfriend is happy.

These are a few of the qualities women seek in men. I hope you liked it? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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