Questions To Know If He Is The One

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Questions To Know If He Is The One

questions to know if he is the one

Technically we find ourselves wondering if the next person or the person making advances is actually the one we want in our lives. Sometimes we end up having to deal with an abusive relationship because of the choices we made. Having to know if a person is right for you can be simple and at the same time be technical. Therefore, here are some questions you need to ask yourself and find out if the person is the one for you.

  • Are you two ever comfortable doing boring things together

Men and women have different things which they find boring. For example, some women hate sports while men hate going to get groceries and that is a fact. Now that he or she is into you, those things you both find boring, are you relaxed or comfortable doing them? Technically if you both are then you may have no problem because if you can do boring things together then you can also do fun things together.

  • Do you resolve issues peacefully when there is a fight?

Arguments, disagreements and fights are inevitable in any relationship. Whenever you have a fight, do you push blames at each other? Do you need to have a third party to come resolve your issues? Because if you both are able to solve relationship issues and not bother yourselves about who is right and who is to blame, then you definitely can handle each other.

  • What are your values?

Do the both of you share similar values? Do you both want the same thing? Because if you don’t then you are in a shaky relationship. You can’t be thinking about starting a family and your partner is thinking about exploring the world.

Putting each other first is a sign of respect in a relationship. Because if you do put them first, you will always consider their opinions in every situation. When you but each other first, that is when you really become one because their happiness becomes your priority and when your partner is happy, you are also happy.

  • Do you really trust your partner?

Relationships are built on trust, and when trust is lost, it is hard to regain. Can you really trust your partner to be late at night or go visit a female friend? Do you feel secured that he can handle himself even when he bumps into an ex? Because if you can trust him and he don’t flop, then you got yourself a man for keeps.

These are some of the questions to know if he is the one. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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