Reasons To Marry Your Best Friend

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Reasons To Marry Your Best Friend

reasons to marry your best friend

Marrying your best friend may look weird but at times it is pretty cool. It is definitely normal to be into your bestie. Marrying your best friend gives you a less than 30% chance of divorce. No matter the odds, marrying your best friend comes with its own rewards.

Here are some reasons for you to put the ring on it with your bestie.

  • Your best friend knows you

Your best friend knows you more than anyone else. He or she knows your favorite meal, your favorite TV show. They know you love to have dogs, and that you get cranky when you don’t get enough sleep. Also they know what you do when you get angry and what exactly gets you angry.

The best part is with all your weirdness, they still like you and everything that you do becomes a fondness for them.

  • You can always be your true self around them

Since your best friend already knows who you are and whatever it is you like, there is no need to be different around them. You are really free around them; you can tell them anything your heart says. You can just be yourself because they’ve seen you at your best and your worst and yet they can condone it because they already know you…

  • You already have things in common

The both of you share common interest but it is normal to not like the exact same things. For example, you both love reading but you love mystical and thrillers and they like love, romance. The fact still remains that you love the same thing just different category. Sometimes you end up watching what each of you likes for example you like America’s Got Talent, she likes Dancing with the stars, you can end up watching both shows together.

  • You are both going to be best friends for life

They have always been there with you and for you before you ever thought of tying the knot, and it is not going to change. Your best friend will be there to hold you down and catch you when you fall short. Even when things are going bad, you can trust them to help in good decision making.

When you marry your best friend, you find out that everything you do has the word “we” in it. You are going to be spending the rest of your life with the person who has always made your life fun and worth living. What could be better than that?

These are some of the reasons why you should marry your best friend. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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