Reasons Why Women Dump Men

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Reasons Why Women Dump Men

reasons why women dump men

There are so many reasons why women dump men. Women expect to have men that respect their feelings, show them affection and show them the deepest love. They definitely hate having relationship issues.

Every man’s job in a relationship is more than just paying the bills, you got a bigger role in sustaining that relationship. The man is the guide who leads both himself and his woman into the happiest of relationships and the deepest of affections. To whatever happens in a relationship, the man holds a greater responsibility.

Even with all these we still find out that people lose interest in their relationships. This is simply because the deep affection they once had as a couple is now really shallow. We can go back and forth, but we are really focusing on the part where the men cause the break in the relationship.

1.  He has become insecure and jealous

Women love to be with men who have emotional strength. They chose to be with him because they saw or they feel he is emotionally balanced, they love confidence, drive, determination. When they notice that you now have doubts in yourself or they notice you no longer have that faith that caught their attention, they tend to withdraw.

2.  Lack of connection

You argue a lot, you fight a lot and you find out you don’t resolve things swimmingly. You are drifting apart, like seriously apart. Suddenly one of you thinks you guys shouldn’t in that relationship.

3.  Major life changes

We are human, and pretty soon we find out we want to put an end to some things. Maybe she got into the relationship while in school and now she is in the labor market she may need something different. An event may have occurred that may have affected the psychology things for example, the death of a really close person.

4.  Random aggression

No woman wants to be in a relationship with a violent person. Personally i hate violence. Who wants to be with a man who is furious over little things? what do you think would happen when something serious comes up? no woman likes an abusive relationship.

5.  Being taken for granted

Your wife or girlfriend is your helper. They need to be treated with respect, and you’ll need to respect their opinions. This is a common reason women get rid of their men.

These are some of the reasons women dump men. i hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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