Side Effects Of Masturbation

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Side Effects Of Masturbation

side effects of masturbation

Masturbation, otherwise known as self-stimulation, is the stimulation of one’s own genitals or sexual areas with the aim of finding pleasure. Masturbation is common among both sexes (male and female), old and young, but it is most common among teenagers. Every human body needs the stimulation ones in a while and because of that, we usually find ourselves having what is known as wet dreams. In some places, especially in some African beliefs, having wet dreams means you have either a spiritual husband or wife who makes love to you every time it happens. But note that it is very natural.

Every good thing also has side effects right? Just as we derive pleasure from self-stimulation, we also should know that doing this in excess can cause some problems. There are no disease conditions attached to masturbation. You wont grow hair on your palms or have HIV or any STD. But then there are some psychological and physical problems you may face.

Some effects of masturbation

1.  Guilt

Many people with deep cultural and religious beliefs will always be victim to guilt, because it conflicts with their ideas to masturbation. But nevertheless, if you should face such feelings, talk with a friend or see a healthcare specialist or even a counselor to help you through the ordeal.

2.   Low sexual sensitivity

Let me say this, sex helps your relationships. For those who masturbate regularly or excessively, you wont be able to get that sensitivity or stimulation from your partner. For men, most of them watch porn to stimulate themselves. Due to this, those men can only watch porn if they are to ever get sensitive. For women, they use dildos and vibrators to stimulate themselves. And unlike men, self-stimulation actually increases the rate of sensitivity in women.

3.  Interruption of regular routines

Excessive masturbation can cause you to have delays in your daily routines. People who masturbate a lot tend to excuse themselves whenever they sense a little urge. And for young adults, it always messes with their education. They often end up failing woefully.

4.  Other Effects

i.  Aging is hastened.

ii. Energy loss.

iii. Hair begins to fall off; and finally;

iv. Addiction.

These are some of the effects of masturbation. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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