Signs He is Into You

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Signs He is Into You

signs he is into you

When one is in love, sometimes both men and women do not know exactly how to say what they feel. Although unconsciously our body begins to give signals that can be seen by anyone.

If you are in an early stage of any relationship, these are some of the signs that will show:

  • He takes a deep breath whenever he sees you

Most times when he is into you, he just needs his oxygen urgently. But this time he subconsciously takes in deep breath that in turn tends to make him look manlier.

  • He walks beside you all the time

When he is always trying to adjust his pace so he could be close enough to match yours, then he is totally into you because if he wasn’t, he’ll be a head of you of some sort

  • He plays with his glass

This is definitely a sign of either being shy or nervous, but then he may just be thinking of how to hold you though.

  • He doesn’t get interrupted when around you

You may notice that he is never with his phone around you; he’ll never cut you short to take a call. There will never be a time when he’ll stop you to then address a football game. Whenever he ends up interrupting you, he’ll apologize and then make an effort to continue.

  • He respects your property

A guy who is into you will always treat your property with respect. They act like what is yours is theirs. They’ll hand you your jacket rather than throw it.

  • He looks away whenever he is speaking to you

Some guys have great things to say to you but sometimes they become nervous when you stare at them. Don’t turn down a great guy just because he doesn’t look you in the eyes.

  • His pupils become huge at the moment

This is known as Dilation, when you like something or someone, whenever you are around them, this tends to happen.

  • Whenever he smiles, he tends to show off his front teeth

It is not common for a guy to show off his front teeth when he smiles. Guys stop doing that around the age of five. Therefore if for any reason he does that when you do something funny, then sister you’ve got a lover on your hand.

These are some of the signs that show he is totally into you. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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