Signs That Show He Is A Cheater

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Signs That Show He Is A Cheater

signs that show he is a cheater

You never know their true sides until the latter days of your relationship. Everybody wants to show their best sides at the beginning of the relationship. This is because no one wants to give that impression of a cheat just to impress the hell out of you.

If anyone knew or had any idea that they would be cheated on, then they wouldn’t bother getting into the relationship. Anyway here are some signs to look out for; they are signs that common cheaters show.

  • They do not really like long term relationships

As far as long term relationships are concerned, all serial cheaters are bored out of their minds when it comes to this issue. Monogamy is a no go. Due to the fact that they do not love to stay committed, they always want to experience something new. It is not a matter of if but when.

  • They always break promises

They break the first rule in the book and that is to never break a promise. They never return phone calls; they will never show up for dinner as promised. They never keep to their word.

  • They are insecure and have a low self esteem

Men who cheat are never sure about themselves and sometimes, they blame you for cheating. They always want validation from others to know they are not cheaters.

  • They don’t care about whatever is happening to you

Cheaters don’t care about where you are, what you are doing and sometimes who you may be with. They would never call to make sure you are OK because they may be too busy with you know what.

  • Regularly they are very deceitful

For them, lying is a hobby. They lie even for the smallest of things. And in the same vain they utterly disregard the fact that their partner has equal rights in the relationship.

  • They are never remorseful

Serial cheaters are never sorry for anything; instead they see you as the problem. They also don’t care about how others especially their partners feel.

  • They admit to cheating before

They are only truthful to the fact that they may have cheated before. The problem still remains that they have not done anything about their cheating situation.

These are some of the signs that show he is a cheater. I hope you liked it? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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