Signs That Show He Likes You

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Signs That Show He Likes You

signs that show he likes you

It’s clearly normal to have two people go out on a casual date once and then out of nowhere feelings begin to grow between the both of them. Even with the time you spend, you find yourself trying to answer a very simple but sensitive question “does he like me?” He may and he may not but nevertheless our bodies and actions have a way of giving us up. Anyway here are a few signs to show that the guy you went out on a date with or you hang out with usually really likes you.

  • His focus is always on you

Whenever you are both having a conversation probably, all his attention is always on you. It doesn’t matter whatever is going on around him or whatever show is on the TV. Even when his phone rings, he can have a few missed calls just because he is with you.

  • He always remembers personal things about you

A guy who likes you will always remember everything about you. What your favorite movie is, your favorite color, your favorite food. He knows your hobbies, your best friend and every other personal thing about you sometimes including the other boys that are into you.

  • He texts you back almost immediately

When he really likes you, he doesn’t wait for the next day; he doesn’t wait for a few hours before texting or calling back. Most of the time, he may just hit you with random funny texts or call you for no reason at all, just to make your day.

  • He makes body contact

The guy who likes you always wants to touch you when having a drink. Sometimes when they leave they brush you with their knee and whenever you leave a place together, they always touch you on the back while you walk out the door. Technically when you walk together, they may want to hold hands or have their shoulders brush yours.

  • He is nervous when asking for another date

They are always shy when asking if you are up for another date, and most of the time they confirm dates over the phone. This is because they are calmer because seeing you give them the shivers, the good kind.

That’s some of the signs that show he likes you. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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