Signs You Are In A Committed Relationship

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Signs You Are In A Committed Relationship

signs you are in a committed relationship

And we don’t just mean any relationship but a committed one. Just by the way you both act around each other and around other people can create the picture of being exclusive in your head. To be exclusive means that you both have put in enough commitment to get thus far. Nevertheless for you wondering if you’ve gone exclusive, here are signs to show you are in an actual relationship.

  • If someone hits on you, you always wonder what your partner would react like

Whenever you are hanging out together and a guy comes up to you with all the sexiness and all, you can’t technically fall for that. Because technically at the moment, you are not bothered about falling, you are bothered about your partner’s reaction.

  • You are planning a future together

If you are both having plans together to have a vacation or a getaway or to see her parents or his parents, that’s a good sign. Even when you both decide to start planning about having a family together, you’re exclusive.

  • You contact each other on a daily basis

Calls, text and whatever methods you communicate with, maybe sea shell phones. If you are always contacting to share feelings, fears and secrets and other issues with your partner, then you both are really committed.

  • You keep personal items at each other’s place

You never want to feel separated from your partner so you keep some personal belongings at each other’s place. Things like toothbrush, towels, underwear, just in case you feel lover sick.

  • You have met each other’s family

Family is sacred, and if you both have done this then case closed. Meeting each other’s family means you actually added a step forward in what you already have going on. Therefore if you’ve met both families then you’re up to something.

  • You like to spend weekend nights together rather than hanging out with friends

Things are already pretty serious if you can ditch your friends and be together especially on a weekend night. You’d rather be with each other watching a movie or doing other stuff rather than being with your buddies.

These are some of the signs that show you are in a committed relationship. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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