Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

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Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

signs you are in an abusive relationship

Now woman ever wants to end up in an abusive relationship. Even those who have found themselves in any form of abusive relationship have decided that the would never find themselves in that situation a second time. The affliction will not repeat itself a second time. In the end, most of these same women always find themselves in the same situation.

The signs that show that your relationship may be toxic are not so easy. But it takes a couple of multiple abuses before women decide to get out. If you are able to detect the signs at an early stage, you could avoid other signs. With that being said, here are some of the signs that show you are in an abusive or toxic relationship.

1.  He is controlling

You find out he is always interrogating you, he wants to find out who you called or who called you. He wants to go through your texts, and he then wants to be aware of your location every time. He keeps calling just to ask where you may be.

2.  He become unnecessarily jealous

Your partner shows excessive possession. And just like being controlling, he wants to know about your calls, and sometimes he becomes insecure about your male friends.

3.  Your partner has constant mood swings

Most time your partner could switch moods from happy to angry without any reason, sometimes they blame you for their moods.

4.  He threatens violently

He makes threatens you with either beating or i’ll break your neck then he comes up to say he didn’t mean it.

5.  You become fearful around your partner

Whenever you are around your partner, you become scared that he might hurt you the moment he gets angry.

6.  Your partner doesn’t respect your property

When your partner gets angry, he tends to damage things especially your own.

7.  They don’t handle disagreements well

Disagreements come everyday. Whenever you and your partner disagree, they expect you to do what they say. Disagreements lead to more disagreements.

These are some of the signs that show you are in an abusive relationship. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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