Signs You Are In An Entangled Relationship

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Signs You Are In An Entangled Relationship

signs you are in an entangled relationship

A relationship allows partners to be themselves freely with no shortage of intimacy whatsoever. In every relationship, both partners are responsible for its growth. Although both people are awake to their feelings, thoughts, and are open to the flow of love with each other.

Being in a relationship allows you to be in harmony with your significant other. If you are in an entangled relationship, then reverse is the case because there is no happy moment with the both of you. Everyone knows you as a couple but that spark in every real relationship is not there.

Therefore here are a few signs that show you are in an entanglement.

  • You are both always right

Instead of coming up with solutions to your conflict, you keep pushing blames at each other. There is always this power struggle between the both of you; you both feel that you are the wronged party. And thus no one is guilty and the both of you are right.

  • You keep having the same issues over again

When you are in an entangled relationship, you and your partner keep having the same old arguments every single time. This simply shows that both of you have developed a habit of holding grudges which will weigh down your relationship as time goes. If this set of situations keeps happening from one relationship to another, then you may have unresolved feelings and you can never enjoy the beauty and harmony in having relationships.

  • You are never understood

No one in an entangled relationship has the ability to say how he or she really feels. It is more like you put your feelings on airplane mode and no one can connect to them. Being in an entangled relationship doesn’t allow you express your actual feelings and say what is on your mind.

  • Things are hard between the both of you

I don’t mean financially hard but emotionally. You no longer connect with each other, when matters arise, it graduates into more conflict. If you are not able to resolve things peacefully among yourself then you are in an entanglement.

These are some of the signs that show that you are in an entangled relationship. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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