Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Controller

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Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Controller

signs your boyfriend is a controller

Having a controlling boyfriend isn’t as different as being in an abusive relationship. Everything a controlling boyfriend does always seem romantic in the beginning of the relationship, but as time passes, it becomes a little too much. Most of the time when he is often asking about your whereabouts, he may care but at some point, it becomes a sign of control when it becomes a little too much.

We are here to help. Therefore, here are a few signs that show your boyfriend may just be a control freak.

  • You have no privacy

A partner who tends to be controlling usually wants to know everything that concerns you. It is a normal thing for your partner to know what you may be going through or your paycheck and it is another thing for him to constantly stalk your messages and phone calls. You also may not have the freedom to visit or speak to anyone you like.

  • He holds grudges and keeps scores

When you and your partner have problems, you both can’t come to a resolution because he doesn’t want to because he loves to hold a grudge. Sometimes when you cancel out on him, he’d always make references to that one time.

  • He is always the right one

It doesn’t matter what may have happened, whatever he says goes. You may have all the accolades to support your argument but it doesn’t really matter because all the time you have to forfeit to him right or wrong.

  • You are no longer close to your friends and family

Apart from your partner, the closest people to you are your friends and the rest of your family. If your partner is a controller, he may even turn you against them rather than just stop you from ever visiting them.

  • You are always saying you’re sorry

Even for the smallest of things that do not even matter, you find yourself apologizing. Your partner puts the blame on you for everything especially your relationship issues, it almost makes you feel like you aren’t putting enough effort in the relationship.

Having a controlling boyfriend is always tough because you feel treated like a child and not having the privilege to talk to others about issues. If he shows any of these signs, then you need to watch out for him because he may soon start to be the remote to everything that happens to you in the time of your relationship.

These are some of the signs that show your boyfriend is a controller. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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