Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

signs your ex wants you back

It doesn’t matter who ended things, whether it’s you or your ex, there are always signs when your ex thinks it is time to get back together. Coming out to say how you feel is easy unless in cases like these where you have to prove you probably aren’t the ass you were the first time.

Even if you weren’t the cause of the separation, there are always times you feel you were still together. Here are a few signs that show your ex wants you back or you have a feeling of getting back with them.

  • You make direct contacts

The mode of contacts you make determine if they have a feeling of getting back together. Making phone calls to your ex is one of the most common ways to make direct contacts and it also shows they are keeping tabs on you. Anyone who wants to get back with their ex would phone you unless they want to just be friends.

  • Communication is always often

Other than just making phone calls, if the communication is very often, it shows they may just want to get back to where they left off.

  • How long did it take for them to get their belongings?

If your ex deliberately leaves an important property of his or hers with the aim of getting it back later, then they have an intention of not leaving. It is actually difficult to avoid eye to eye contact when your ex comes back for his or her stuff. In this situation, they end up giving dumb excuses to why they came back.

  • What do you talk about when you both have a conversation?

First, when he or she calls you without any reason, it just shows that they miss you. Secondly, when you accidentally bump into each other and you get to talking, if they keep talking about the times you both had, both good and bad times, it also means they really miss you.

  • What is their behavior around you?

Now, whether it was a fight or you both quietly agreed to call it quits, whenever they have warm feelings around you, then they miss you. Friendly behavior shows that they feel sorry for the outcome of the relationship.

These are a few signs your ex want you back. And if you also want to get back with your ex you are also not far from these signs.

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