Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

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Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

signs your spouse is cheating

Cheating, otherwise known as infidelity, is betraying a partner’s expectations about the type of contact the cheater has with others. Being that relationships are based on emotions and not logic. Cheating is therefore difficult to define because everybody differ in the type of relationship their partner have with others.

Cheating is one of the most common problems in every relationships. When one partner discovers that their significant other is cheating, it’s heartbreaking and this causes division in the home.

There are some things some people do not want their partners should engage in; these may include;

  • Flirting with others
  • Exchanging personal text messages
  • Deny being in a relationship (everyone hates that)
  • Spending time with some specific individuals
  • Purchasing intimate gifts for others
  • Sharing personal information with others; and the list goes on.

When you now eventually do any of these, your partner feels betrayed. Here are some signs you could notice that tell your partner is cheating.

Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

1. Changes in your sex life

There is now a lesser or no level of intimacy among you. You find out that there have being some adjustments in your sex life, because you begin to see new things that weren’t there before.

2. Changes in attitude

Your partner has more negativity than before. Fights are always breaking out between you both. You are never comfortable about the response your partner gives when the issue of cheating is brought up, sometimes your partner becomes defensive.

3.  Lying

Lies begin to creep in, and sometimes you feel like you are being avoided. The worst of all, your partner becomes secretive about a lot of things.

4.  Secretive use of phones and computers

Your partner begins to guard his phone with all diligence. Soon they begin to clear browsing history or frequently delete messages. Their phone never required a password before but suddenly it does.

5.  Unexplained expenses

Money being spent is always a surprise. There are odd charges in your account and your partner’s account. Heavy purchases are being made from places you do not frequently visit at all, and whenever you ask about the money being spent, they begin to give answers that leave you in a puzzle.

These are some of the signs you could notice when your partner starts cheating. I hope it was helpful?

Thanks for reading.

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