Some First Date Questions For Couples

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Some First Date Questions For Couples

some first date questions for couples

First dates can make one nervous and even cause you self doubt and also makes you anxious at the same time. Still, you’ve searched around especially through profiles online and you’ve done the necessary, now you’ve decided to make a one on one meeting. Nothing gives you the chills like the first time you have to say hi, but then you want this day to go well and thus you may need a couple of questions to keep your conversation going.

We are not talking about questions that would creep your partner out like job interviews, no offense. The best way to have a really relaxing time and conversation with your date is to have a load of questions that really get to the heart.

Therefore, here are a few questions to ask on the first date with anyone you find worthy to have a relationship with.

  • Who are the most important people in your life?

Everyone loves this question because just thinking of how much you love them just gives you joy and your date asking may also show that they are not just into having a relationship with you but also having to grow a relationship with the once you love. When asked this question, you can hear them say things like ‘my son’, ‘my parents’, ‘my wife/husband’.

  • What do you do on Saturdays?

He may love to coach a kid’s soccer team; she may love to go to the spa. She may love to kick it with the girls; he may love to go bowling. Whatsoever it may be, you should know that not every moment of your relationship will be spent together.

  • Where did you grow up, what was your family like growing up?

Did he/she have a rough upbringing? Because most of the behaviors shown by adults are based on their upbringing.  Still you do want to know about what he enjoyed or hated as a child.

  • Do you have a special place?

Everyone has a special place we just love to go to and just chill. This may not cause a lengthy discussion but it may leave you wondering if you both love the same place or same drinks or if he/she may know the bartender at the bar you both love the most.

  • Do you have a bucket list? What’s in it?

Does he have a goal he wishes to accomplish? This question leaves room for your date to share teir passion or interests with you freely. His or her list may have personal goals, career goals, getaway plans, marriage maybe. You never know.

  • What’s your most valuable possession?

Respecting another person’s property means you actually know exactly what you are respecting. Asking this one makes him/her let you know their priorities and what they find most precious for some reasons whatsoever.

These are some of the first date questions for couples. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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