Some Signs That Show You Are Dating

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Some Signs That Show You Are Dating

Dating is a world of its own because as you progress as just being friends, you end up asking yourself where you are both headed. Still, trying to figure out if you are both exclusive is serious and downright a little bit frustrating and thus it is not fun at all. It is OK though to casually date and hook up and also do some really weird stuff together, but as time goes by, both parties will have to come to an agreement on the stage they are at the time, are we friends? Or are we exclusive?

Some Signs That Show You Are Dating

You may not be there yet and you may already be kicking it together all the same, here are some signs you are both dating:

  • You are well acquainted with each other’s people

Since most people do not introduce their casual friends to family, then it is fair to say that when you both know each other’s family, then you may well be on your way to becoming a couple. Most of the time this happens when you are frequent with family functions or you attend parties together.

  • You both plan weekends together

When two people are just hanging out, weekends are not always a sure deal. If you both have started to plan weekends together, then it is a good sign that you are way above been casual but now dating. It may not be an every weekend thing but as far as the weekend goes, if you both plan what it is going to look like then you are both exclusive.

  • You both chat up each other throughout the day

When you casually hangout with someone, frequent chatting doesn’t really matter to you and it doesn’t take much of your time. If you text, call, text especially, a lot with that particular person you may just be above hanging out as well. When you have each other on multiple social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other place you can both contact each other, trust me you are both dating.

  • You’re not sure of how to introduce each other

Whenever the person you are with hesitates in introducing you in a good way, then you may just be there. Casual friends could just go on and say “meet my friend Dave”, but when that dating feeling comes in, they may introduce In a manner as such “meet ….umm….Dave”.

These are some signs that show you are dating. I hope you liked it? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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