Text To Send After A First Date

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Text To Send After A First Date

text to send after a first date

First dates are always going to be remembered, but what happens after that? You met a girl for the first time, you had a good talk and you went out on a date finally. Surely you want to keep the ball rolling and you need her attention more than ever.

You can be flirty or be the funny guy just to create a momentum for a second meeting. Finding the right words to text can be difficult or confusing, but if you do not have an idea of what to text, then look no further.

Here are a few texts you could send to her after having a first date.

  • Find out if she got home

After having a nice hot date and you have no idea about what to say, then you can start by asking if she got home early. Technically, asking if she had gotten home tells her that you are the caring type and she would want to go out more often. Your text could say “checking to see if you’ve gotten home.”

  • If you loved the date then you’ll have to tell her

Telling her you loved or had a great time during the date means you enjoyed her company. She in turn would also acknowledge that the date was worth it. Try saying something in the line of “I really enjoyed meeting you,” or “today was more fun than I expected and it was all because of you.”

  • You had a great time, try and talk about a specific part of the date

If you want to keep the ball rolling, then you need to get to talking. Talk about a creepy, funny or weird and unexpected thing that happened during the date and this should definitely get her talking.

  • Now you’ll have to break the ice and ask to go on a second date

After the great first date and after making a great first impression, women always look forward to a second date. Now if you really feel you’d like to go out again then it is nice you let her know. Say something like “I really enjoyed this evening, I do hope we can do it again say Friday night,” or something else in that line.

There is a tip on how to send a text after a first date. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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