The Dangers Of Super Parenting

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The Dangers Of Super Parenting

the dangers of super parenting

Super parenting does have its own dangers.There is a goal of being a parent and it is not to raise the most perfect of children, but to give them teachings that would make them become successful later. In having to achieve this goal, there are two major challenges we face:

  • Parental neglect and obsession
  • The second is mostly among parents who are obsessed with their children that they don’t give them time for recreation or romance or even time for rest. All obsessed parents have good reasons for doing what they do but the problem with this is that it can lead to about three serious issues.


  • Making children the center piece of life

Making your children feel like everything in life is all them, it may not be in their best interests. If you make them the center of the universe, you’d be in for a rude awakening when they get out into the real world. In other words, it means that when you paint your children to be too perfect, in the end when they are now free to go out and mingle, they end up being worse than what you intended to protect them for.

  • Parental burnout caused by emotional and physical fatigue

You need to try and recharge yourself physically, emotionally and in some cases spiritually, just as a battery cannot remain drained, so you cannot remain worked up. When you don’t really get things, you become nervous and everybody around you especially your family begins to feel the negative effects of your nervous breakdown.

  • Super Parenting

If there is one thing that destroys marriages, it is super parenting. This poses a threat when the mother is the one who is really inclined. Fathers may come in and just resent the kids with the hope of at least having his wife for a while but the mother may feel he is not as dedicated to the children like she is. When this happens, a barrier is now put in the family.

Therefore we are to work on being better parents to our kids rather than being super parents in other to avoid societal problems for them.

These are some of the dangers of super parenting. I hope it was helpful?

Thanks for reading.

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