Things To Know Before Dating A Funny Guy

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Things To Know Before Dating A Funny Guy

Things to know before dating a funny guy

Funny guys are everywhere but many females do not just get it when dating a funny person.

This list is not funny at all.

  • They cannot always be ‘on’ with you

It is definite that when they are in the midst of their friends, they tend to have their funny sides turned on all the time. But with their partners, sometimes they just have to be a dull or boring moment sometimes.

  • There is always struggles behind their smiles

When I say struggles, I mean pain. Just because they make you laugh all the time, doesn’t mean they are the always happy. Most of the time it is a defense mechanism so you wouldn’t know what they may be going through.

  • Just because they are funny doesn’t mean they cannot be serious

Their level of seriousness is never the type that goes against social norms. This means that as they are funny they get serious when they need to but they don’t go about screaming stupid things. They are not crazy people.

  • When there are serious talks, they tend to make jokes

Don’t ever get mad at them you just have to bear. Sometimes they can’t just resist the urge to make a one-liner. These jokes always come in during really serious talks like your relationship or sometimes grandma; I’m just saying.

  • They hate being called funny

You do not want to introduce them to your friends and give the impression that they are comedians or introduce them by saying he is really funny. People may want them to make jokes and in that moment, they’ll black out.

It doesn’t matter if you had the worst day at work or you got in a fight with your best friend. When you decide to invite them on a date or a hangout or just to come around, they’ll make you feel like that day never happened, they’ll definitely get you to laugh.

  • They are like secret weapons

They get people and people want to be around them. You can get closer to your coworker or get closer to your boss (not in a weird way though) but they have the charm. No matter where they may be, they can be best friends with anybody.

These are some facts you need to know about dating a funny guy. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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