11 Terrible Things To Never Say To Your Partner

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11 Terrible Things To Never Say To Your Partner

things to never say to your partner

Things to never say to your partner. Every relationship has its ups and downs. It’s never fun to have a fight with each other, you can never escape arguments with each other because whether you like it or not fights are inevitable in every healthy relationship. When you’re so close to another person that you have a close relationship with them, it is definitely unrealistic to never expect disagreements or fights.

Having arguments about finances or how to money is being spent in the home can be really uncomfortable and disturbing, but in the end it most of the time leads to better money spending decisions and it can create greater respect for each other.

Although, there are a few arguments we are guilty of having that do not help strengthen or build trust in our relationships. There are some things we often say to each other that really “suck” in relationship. We should really be calm while arguing because we never can tell when these words might fly out. Below are some of the things we say to our partners that doesn’t sit well for our relationship, they are some of the things we should never say to our partners.

Things you should never say to your partner

  1. I

    regret dating you

First of all why regret? To regret means to wish something had not happened, which also means that your time with him or her was a total waste and using that could really hurt your partner bad.

  1. Referencing your Ex.

This should have been number one because no matter what happens between both of you, you do not reference your ex. For example “Alicia would never keep the nuts on the fridge!” that always leaves an impression that you still have a thing for whomever your ex was.

  1. Divorce

The Big D. The D word isn’t an action figure, it is not for pranks, and it’s not a joke. The word divorce especially when said in anger is like an injury that lives a deep cut and then graduate to a big scar in the mind of your partner, and that scar can never heal. You shouldn’t say it unless you mean it or intend to follow it up. Do not use it especially to get your partner’s attention.

  1. Don’t touch my phone

Our phones are like our personal assistant, they know everything because we tell them everything. We store lots and lots of our personal information on our phones these days, but if you do not have any shady things or if you have nothing to hide, then why be defensive about your device? Everyone definitely loves privacy about their personal items, but definitely our partners would want to make use of our phones for one reason or the other, and if you freak out when this happens, there is definitely going to be an argument or a fight as the case may be and trust me it is never resolved easily. In every relationship, when you have nothing to hide, you won’t be bothered about what they might find in your phones.

  1. Well at least I’ve not [bringing up your partners bad moments]

Everybody has definitely done things they are not proud of, but bringing up that moment when your partner either got arrested, or cheated or got fired or probably got beaten or failed a test or even worse can be really hurtful. Let’s just try to forgive and let everything of the past die with the past because if you can let it die, it reduces the chances of those references ever coming up.

  1. Body shame

Body shaming means to talk about someone’s body size, height or generally about how someone looks with the intention of making them feel bad. This is not just bad but just flat out depressing especially if the person already feels insecure. For example “you are so fat!” that could really hurt.

  1. You are irresponsible

Being irresponsible means to have no sense of responsibility. It also means to not show or have maturity or good judgment. Some of us make it worse and compare our partners with people outside. We need to be careful that we don’t utter these words. If you should say he/she is irresponsible, you actually make them feel useless. Don’t do it!

  1. Your friend drives me insane

Everybody has that one friend who is always the class clown; we all expect them to act like a fool at dinner or at the movies or wherever you find yourself. But let’s not forget that it’s not the end of the world. If your partner has a friend like that, you should never speak ill about them because they are in your partner’s life for one reason or the other, so deal with it because whether you like it or not they are there and probably for life. Speaking ill of them can only cause strife between you and your partner. Unless that friend may have been really offending, there would be no need to do that.

  1. I make more money than you

“Well I make more money.”  You should never throw out this phrase during an argument; it’s actually belittling and cruel. Being the bread winner of the home or family doesn’t entitle you to a greater decision making or fewer home responsibilities. Unless you want to continue the sentence probably with “…so I’m happy to cover the rest of the bills,” it should never come out, because it’s not his/her fault you earn more.

  1. You’re wearing that?

Well different personalities, different thinking. If your partner likes been told how you feel straight to the face, if he or she loves a straight to face critic, then you can go ahead and lay the verbal smack down. But if you’re in a relationship or married to someone who can be really emotional or slightly sensitive then you need to avoid this comment. Really, nobody really likes to be told he/she looks less admirable or fabulous than what they thought, and such comments or negative remarks can really spoil the day you may have planned.

  1. Insult or curses

   Ok, do not do this please for the love of everything that is good, do not do this. Definitely both of you can argue about some things but no matter how provoked you are, do not call your partner any name of any sort. Words as we know have a way of leaving a print, a scar and a memory that is always recurring. It is never easy to forget, for one or more reasons it will recur in your partner’s subconscious.

At some point during arguments, we usually digress from the foremost cause of the altercation to some of those things listed above. The result is that both partners are already provoked to the extent that it leads to either emotional or physical abuse.

Therefore, instead than making those rather harsh comments, why not settle your dispute amicably. The ways we deal with our partners when issues arise always affect our relationships on the long run because they really tell how we feel about each other.

Those are 11 terrible things you should never say to your partner.

Thanks for reading.


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