Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Woman

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Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Woman

things you should't say to a woman

Some guys just tend to open their mouths and say random things to girls. And as such women differ in their reactions to some certain comments made by men. For example, some women will have their own random things to say as answer to what ever shitty comments you have to make.

Other women will whoop your butt instantly for even attempting to make the comment and they’ll give you this look of disdain. Some of these comments could create signs of impending separations.

So gentlemen, who have a habit of dropping hideous statements to women, here are a few things you don’t want to tell a female. If you love your butt as a man, you better take heed.

Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Woman

  • Relax or calm down

When something is going on, you should let her be. Hitting her with these words clearly states that you are saying she is over-reacting or she is being dramatic. And when you say this, then you’ll get the real drama.

  • Referencing your Ex

Do not do that, don’t even think about it. You do not reference your ex in anything like “I wish it was Tracy.” Do not compare another lady with your partner especially your ex. When you do this, then things start to fall apart.

  • You knew I was like this

Nope, not at all. She didn’t know, she had no idea. You acted like you were Romeo or Jack from Titanic but now you have shown your true self, you just showed you were Darkseid and she is in pure torture.

  • You are fat

No lady likes to be referred to as fat. Fat is commonly associated with people who aren’t sexy or are obese or just love eating food a lot without control. No matter how sweet the sentence maybe, do not use fat at all.

  • Is that what you are wearing?

Even if she isn’t wearing something appealing, you still have to appreciate what she wore. She wore it for you to see how good she was and for you to show your confirmation and appreciation. Do not throw shades at her.

These are some of the things you shouldn’t say to a woman. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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