Tips On How To Woo A Woman

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Tips On How To Woo A Woman

It is easy to see a woman and then you really like her, but to actually woo a woman is a more complex task to just hitting on her. Wooing a woman doesn’t just entail that you tell her you like her, it is a little bit more than that, because you have to present yourself as a dependable, charming and a whole lot trustworthy person.

Tips On How To Woo A Woman

Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is difficult depending on how you go about it. It is actually paramount that whoever you are trying to woo actually knows of your intentions. Therefore this is to help you go about it without being disrespectful and looking like an ass.

  • Try to be chivalry

Be a gentleman and be chivalrous, be on time for your dates, get the door for her, always have your manners in check. It is actually very romantic.

  • Do not ignore her

Giving a lady the silent treatment when trying to woo doesn’t really work, it’ll only send her to another guy. If you want to have her with you, then you have to spend enough time with her. When you keep ignoring her, she’ll take you to be a player, and clearly no woman wants you to play games with her feelings.

  • Try to be flirty

Add a little romance to your dates by complimenting her outfit but don’t overdo it though. Make body contacts and give her kisses to the cheeks. In doing this, you are indirectly sending her the signals that you got something more than just hanging out on your mind.

  • Have a very memorable date

Plan an epic date to a classy restaurant, and instead of getting there and just waiting for a table, you can make reservations for the table before hand. Plus, always be on time for your date.

  • Listen to her

Women always have things to say, therefore you really have to listen and also prove that you listen to her. Bring her favorite flowers or candy, play her favorite song the next time you are together. This will prove to her that you take what she loves into consideration.

  • Make her laugh

Add a little bit of humor when you meet. You don’t have to be a great comedian for you to make her laugh. If you could get her to laugh, then you may just be able to make her do anything.

Note that women want a man who would be there for them, someone they could lean on, a man they can trust. If you are able to prove yourself to be one of those, then you could get her.

These are some of the tips on how to woo a woman. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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