Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

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Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

unusual honeymoon spots in africa

Everyone wants their honeymoon to be exquisite and memorable; we all want to remember it for the rest of our lives. In order to do that, you need an exquisite, classy and in style destinations for it. Places like Paris, Hawaii, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, are all world renowned places to have that great honeymoon experience. The only problem with these places is that they are really expensive and thus for most people unaffordable.

Luckily, there are other places for a getaway around the world that can give you these same experiences and in this case Africa. Therefore, here are a few unusual honeymoon spots in Africa.

  • St Francis Bay – Eastern Cape

Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

The St Francis Bay is located in Eastern Cape which is about an hour drive from Port Elizabeth. This destination offers the luxury of accommodation and dining. St Francis Bay is known for its white painted houses with black rooftops, canals and its golf course.

  • Lake Malawi – Malawi

Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

Lake Malawi provides honeymooners with a warm climate, amazing views and its clear waters. Honeymooners needn’t worry about a place to have privacy because this luxurious place provides you with plenty of them. It is worth going and it’ll always be remembered.

  • Kombo Central – Gambia

Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

Kombo Central is located south of the Gambia River. It provides places like Mandina and the Masaku Forests. It provides couples with many adventures. You and your spouse have plenty of activities which include swimming, boating and many other fun couple activities.

  • Sharm el-Sheikh – Egypt

Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

The Sharm el-Sheikh is a very popular place for a romantic honeymoon. The town being surrounded by the red sea has a lot to offer to couples, from the long beaches, the Granite Mountains to even the view of the red sea. This is one of the most exotic places in all of Egypt.

  • Zanzibar – Tanzania

Unusual Honeymoon Spots In Africa

Zanzibar Island is known for its beach hotels and resorts. It also has a fine collection of National parks, cultural attractions and other romantic sites. When it comes to having a romantic honeymoon, then Zanzibar has to come to mind. It provides an adventurous experience for all couples.

These are some of the unusual honeymoon spots in Africa. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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