Ways To Avoid Lateness To Dates

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Ways To Avoid Lateness To Dates

ways to avoid lateness to dates

People have always said that first impressions matter a lot, and when it comes to a date, one of the worst first impressions is being late. Being late for a matter of time may say you are not considerate at all and when it exceeds more time, then you are just plain rude. When you keep a date waiting longer than the agreed time, it definitely means you do not respect the person enough to dedicate that time to them.

Long story short, in other to avoid these bad impressions, here are a few ways we feel can help you avoid this problem.

  • Have a trial run

This is basically if you have never been to your meeting place before. In order to avoid being late, it is advisable that you check out the route and location beforehand. You may want to go with your trusty GPS but do not forget that the internet is never always your best friend.

  • Do not procrastinate

Procrastination they say is a thief of time. You may just check your time and feel like you got more especially when you have a few more hours more. When you think you have enough time on your hand, you start doing chores and other errands you want to run. Put your chores aside, you’ve got someone waiting.

  • Plan ahead

There are a lot of things you have to do before the date and because of that, you have to do them before hand. It is best you plan your day in order to meet up with your date.

  • Expect for things to go wrong

No matter how you try and rush to get there, there is always something that tries to hinder it. First you may have to deal with getting a bus in time and another is going to be the issue of traffic. You can’t tell the future; therefore you wouldn’t be able to tell if there would be traffic, or a storm. But ask yourself if you actually left early enough with the idea that you may avoid such disaster.

These are a few ways to avoid lateness to dates. I hope you liked it?

Thanks for reading.

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