What To Never Do On A First Date

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What To Never Do On A First Date

what to never do on a first date

Everyone wants to always have a perfect first date. Everyone could also have a bad first date. Its a normal situation, but most of the time our bad dates are caused by our bad behavior. This could end up defining your relationship.

Now, we know first dates can make us nervous, we say things and sometimes act in a way we normally do not. But nevertheless we are here to help you through your catastrophic ordeal. Here are a few things you should never do on a first date.

1.  Don’t be late

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is number one on the list because if you are going to be late, whoever you are going to meet should be aware. If you decide to turn up late on your own accord, it means you do not value the other persons time.

2.  Don’t be rude to staff

For what is worth, they do not work for you. If you turn out to be a rude d-bag, it only leaves the thought in the other persons head that you are an ass.

3.  Do not have your phone out

That’s just rude and disrespectful especially if they are typing while having a conversation because lets face it; while they type, they aren’t technically listening to you most of the time.

4.  Do not talk about your ex

You’re a total bum when you talk about your ex while you are on a date with someone else, it makes you look weird. When you then decide to go in the direction of saying how bad your ex was, it shows you ain’t over it.

5.  Do not make sexual reference

Creep! Everything about you screams creep when you dive in with all the sex talks. You’re trying to win the person over but you end up giving the person the thought that you are just hanging around for the cookie.

6.  Expressing the desire to having a family

First of all, you do not even no if you have a great chemistry, you do not know if you’re compatible. Dude, take it slow.

7.  Expectations on payment

Now guys, and by guys i mean the men, do not expect her to pay the bills. It i scientifically proven that men are to pay the bills while on a date (dont ask for who proved it though).

8.   Constantly checking how you look

They know you look good, everybody can see it. When you walked out of the house everybody saw it. There is a difference between just checking to know if you’re OK maybe because you feel nervous and obsession.

These are some of the things you shouldn’t do on a first date. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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